At brandsymbol, passionate marketing professionals do just one thing: build world-class Brands, by focusing on just the facts.

  • Fact is, intellectually rigorous insights – both quantitative and qualitative – drive customized business solutions that create and cultivate highly successful, long-lasting Brands for brandsymbol clients.
  • Fact is, these Brands profitably build customer equity long-term, and product sales near-term, at diverse, world-class organizations of all sizes.
  • Fact is, brandsymbol does its best work in the most complex, competitive and changing environments that challenge leading global Brands.

Based on the evidence, brandsymbol is the unsurpassed choice for world-class Brands that demand fact-driven Brand identity, Brand architecture and Brand strategy solutions.



Brandsymbol creates world-class Brand identities, driven by one simple fact: a clear, consistent and compelling verbal and visual identity based on an insightful Brand strategy is the foundation for a successful, long-lasting Brand. While it is harder than ever before to create an ideal Brand identity, brandsymbol team members do just that with fact-driven i4 methodology and "never-settle" philosophy.

The result is a powerful Brand name: 1) enthusiastically embraced, for its strategic focus and creativity, by all internal and external Brand stakeholders; 2) market-tested, linguistically powerful, and unquestionably ownable, everywhere in the world; and 3) integrated throughout the Brand’s marketing campaign to build profitability and equity.

In fact, a perfect 100% of brandsymbol healthcare product names submitted to regulatory authorities have been approved, compared to an industry approval average of just 45%.


Brandsymbol cultivates world-class Brand architectures, driven by one simple fact: client product portfolios must be clearly and consistently organized to ensure successful, long-lasting Branding efforts. Insightful Brand architects employ brandsymbol's fact-driven i4 methodology and client-focused philosophy to create effective and efficient Brand architectures by: 1) structuring a framework that clearly and consistently organizes Brand portfolios based on customer benefits; 2) streamlining the Brand naming process to save clients time and money; and 3) simplifying the number of product names, and names themselves, in the Brand portfolio.


Brandsymbol cultivates world-class Brand strategies, driven by one simple fact: Brands are driven to marketplace superiority by brilliant strategic insights into customer needs. On every project, elite brandsymbol strategists first assess whether the client's existing Brand strategy can propel its Brands to success. If so, brandsymbol then provides any needed Brand marketing plans, Brand architecture, or Brand identity. If not, brandsymbol employs its core strategic competencies – strategic Brand planning, strategic program deployment, and strategic market analysis – to clearly define Brand strategies essential to Brand success.














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